Wedding Photo Session



US $1,600

What is Included?

・Meeting ( It can be done on Skype or FB messenger if I live far from you)
・Photograph the wedding  (up to 6 hours)
・Photography in a USB stick ( approximately 500 ~ 600 shoots)
・Photo slide show movie ( 5 minutes long )
・High quality Photo Book

This is very important for me to know what my clients expect from me, and I would also like to know my clients before the session to make better product.
That is why I would have a good meeting with my clients in person if possible.

I am more than happy to photograph behind the wedding party, so let’s talk about it at the meeting.


If you would like me to take a location photos, we can discuss about it. As I take so many landscape photos daily bases, I am sure that I can offer you something what you are looking for.

For any questions, Please contact me from here


Individual Photo Session

US $ 100 hourly rate

For a profile photo for the social media, family photo, new born baby or anything you would like to hire a professional photographer to do the work.

As I do not have a studio for taking photo, I usually come over to you or we can decide where to do the session.


What is included?

・photography session
・providing photos after deveropping/editing in USB stick ( which can take at least a week )

I try to update my current location unless I am moving from place to place every day. So feel free to contact me from here if you would like to ask me some work!