Iwaki 300 Years Message

2018 October to November

This project was started on the 15th of Octover 2018 in Iwaki, Fukushima.

The place is called “Yumoto” has a very historic ryokan(Japanese traditional style accommodations that have hot springs)  hotel.
The name of the ryokan is FURUTAKI-YA, and it is over 300 years old!
The 16th president of this hotel, Satomi asked me to photograph Yumoto, Iwaki as it is now to show people who will be living in 300 years time as a message.

In this age, Fukushima had a lot of things happened. The tsunami and earth quick in 2011 were the most well-known occurrence.
Fukushima people were so depressed. On top of that, many tourist stopped visiting Fukushima because of a nuclear explosion.

However, Fukushima is coming back to life again thanks to so many people’s support from all over the world.

I personally want more international tourist to come and visit Iwaki as this city is very beautiful and relaxed.
Yumoto is known as a Onsen(hot springs) town. It is definitely worth to stay in Yumoto at least one day to just chill and walk around to find interesting temples, and unique/tasty food.

I have decided to post some photos that  have taken each day to show more people about what we are doing, and also what does Iwaki look like.

Feel free to comment on the photos, or you can alway contact me if you have any question.

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