People often forget how beautiful this planet is, and I am very passionated about telling people or reminding people that we are already happy enough to live in this beautiful world. I have been traveling on and off for last 8 years. Since i started photography, it made me want to go into the wild. i often stay awake until very late/ wake up very early in the morning to photograph the specific moments which a lot of people are missing out.

I always wanted to do the job that i love, but i had never found one. i didn’t even know what i loved until i got my first DSLR camera.

I had lived in New Zealand for over 4 years, and I loved it, I still do. I decided to leave there just because I wanted to follow my passion to create opportunities.

At the moment, I have two things that I am very passionated about.

First, tell/show people about New Zealand through my photography.
Second, explore the world.

Very simple isn’t it? Although my home country is Japan, I do feel that New Zealand is my home. Right now, I am traveling to see everything that I want to photograph, and to meet more people from all of the world.

You can find my current location on this website or facebook.


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